The Idea Drawer

openclipart.orgIf you or someone you know is a storyteller, you know they are often coming up with ideas upon ideas for stories.  Some of those ideas get to have their day in a book, song, play or movie, but sometimes there are simply too many ideas for one person to execute.  One year, I thought of over 200 separate story ideas, but only ended up writing one of them, my current series Trolls for Dust.  I’m still coming up with a lot of fun ideas, and since there’s no way I will be able to write them all, I’ve decided to share some of them here for anyone to use.  If you have great story ideas you would like to share, please add them in the comments.  Thank you.  –Pixie

— no title —

Thriller: In a sprawling city a team of detectives tracks a serial killer, only to find there are two of them, one trying to draw the other out in an all-out match of power and skill. Almost too late, the everyman detective realizes that two of the others on his team are the killers and he must figure out how to either kill them both, or get them to kill each other in order to save future lives.


— The SuperModel Suicide —

This one’s a story I actually wrote, all two hundred some pages of it before realizing that although I liked the title, what I’d written was too strange and I had no idea what I was trying to say with it.  The basic plot was: Beautiful girl commits beauty suicide, attempting to make herself ugly in a process that actually becomes life endangering.


— no title —

Boss realizes his secretary’s life revolves around a celebrity who doesn’t exist.  I love con artist stories, and this could be a good one.  Wouldn’t have to be a boss and secretary, it could work with friends, etc.


— no title —

A retiring professor chooses ten of his brightest students from his long career and invites him to his retirement party where he invites them to participate in a month-long world wide treasure hunt for the manuscript to his last book.  Something like The Amazing Race plus Rat Race plus Indiana Jones.


— The Vampire of ______ —

Set in the late 1800s.  A long-suffering tuberculosis victim is seen through the eyes of a child (a neighbor or relative) who imagines him to be a vampire.  Throughout the story, the audience is left wondering whether the victim could indeed be a vampire.


2 thoughts on “The Idea Drawer

  1. I don’t actually have an idea to share but just wanted to say that your Alien at the Diner story was manufique and I really enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you decide to carry on with that story as i would love to see a romance fleshed out between the odd but charming truck driver and Alice(was that her name?) and the stories and adventures they could come up with. I also am interested in reading the bits you put together for your Super Model Suicide story idea. I love the idea about the thin line between beauty and beastliness,how she would make herself ugly and the worlds reaction to that. I was brought to your blog from the comments you left on the “Paradise” board on imdb. What a great show and what a pity that they are pushing it out to make room for Mr.Selfridge, although i do admit to watching that show as well. I really prefer the characters in Paradise. I am looking forward to further exploring your blog and hope others discover your great ideas and writing style.

    • Thank you. I like stories set in diners and I’ll hopefully write more of them in the future. I don’t have the manuscript for The Supermodel Suicide on computer anymore, but, trust me, it did not end up as interesting as the premise. Sometimes in writing stories we take a few too many wrong turns and can’t find our way back. I haven’t watched Mr. Selfridge, but I do like The Paradise and even read the novel which was a little overwhelming in its descriptions. If you enjoy my writing, please check out Trolls for Dust, a series I am working on. The first book is for sale on Amazon and these days I am trying to hammer out any wrong turns in the second one. Thanks for your comments and happy reading.

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