Haven, Season 5, Episodes 10-12

10. Mortality. 11. Reflections. 12. Chemistry.


Haven, Season 5 is chugging along.  So many developments.

Audrey: S5, she still isn’t quite the same, yet her relationship with Nathan is sweet and the big reveal about how she and Mara are exactly connected is looming on the horizon (along with Mara’ origins).  Audrey is now sick and dying.  Her cells are slowly breaking down.  Is this happening because of the Trouble Duke used to separate her (or create a separate being of Audrey), or something to do with Mara and how she and Mara are related?

Mara: Manipulative, she is, and sadly her manipulation of Duke is working.  For reasons yet to be revealed, Mara is turning him to the dark side, black, bleeding eyes and all.  Duke’s power of taking away Troubles is the antonym to Mara’s ability to create them.  This begs the question: Are Duke and his family merely Troubled, or is there more to the story?  If Mara created (and I think she may have said that in a past episode) the Crocker family Trouble, why this particular one?

Duke: Who knew he was quite such a lonely soul? So lonely that he ends up sleeping with Mara (presumably because she looks like Audrey) and detesting himself for it.  He’s in a place where he can’t trust Nathan and Dwight, and is likely still mourning the loss of Jennifer.  Is his wishing that Mara were Audrey an indication that he still holds a candle for Audrey?  Audrey still cares about him, too, and instinctively knows he’s hurting, and even encourages Nathan to get him to open up.

Nathan: There’s not a whole lot going on with Nathan, but I like that he’s he’s calmer and actually quite charming now that he has Audrey back.  His belief in both their love and her realness is still rock solid and will likely be what saves her in the end.

Dwight and Charlotte: He has a sweet, little love story that might possibly be ruined now that Dr. Charlotte Cross has revealed herself to be Audrey/Mara’s mother — say what?  Yup, her mom.  Her scrapbook following the progress of Mara/Audrey over the years raises other questions: Has Charlotte also been banished from the Thinny world? Does she, too, get recreated every x number of years? Has she been searching for Mara or only come to Haven to complete a specific mission?  What’s with the genetic markers for the Troubled? Do they actually exist, or has Charlotte been hoaxing everyone?  And, for Dwight, does Charlotte actually like him, or is she just manipulating him like what Mara is doing to Duke?

Vince, Dave, and Gloria:  Vince is really the only one doing the investigating lately, as most everyone else is busy with amorous pursuits.  He and Gloria both may be the saviors in all of this, as they don’t trust anyone, especially those new to town.  Plus, they are older and have seen a lot more of the Troubles.  I’m interested to see how they react to the news about Dr. Cross.  Dave has been MIA the last couple eps, and I miss him.

All in all, the show is picking up, working on its world- and myth-building á la Lost (not a bad thing at all, in my book), and giving the characters more emotional meat to work with.  I liked the last Trouble where people were turned into how they saw themselves.  Very revealing.  How can a jaded creature like Mara create Troubles with so much depth?  This understanding of how humanity works indicates an interest in them beyond being “less than insects” as she insists.  Maybe her mother will be able to shed more light on who Mara actually is.  The Troubles are based on emotions, and usually one has the most powerful emotions about family.  Plus this Thinny family has cool matching rings.  Rings of power, perhaps?  We will see.  Season 5 is, I think, the first half and set up to hopefully an awesome Season 6.  Still, I’m excited for the S5 finale.

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