Mouse, eps 12 and 13

These two episodes felt a bit like filler, or just more standard procedural fare. Basically, they are just about Ba Reum now embracing the role as a serial killer of serial killers and other monsters, beginning with the pedophile who attacked Bong Yi as a girl and has now been released, Kang Duk Su. Pretty much all the characters in the show agree that he needed to die, even if it was by vigilante justice and not due process.

Detective Go, smart cookie as he is, immediately senses that whoever killed Duk Su was a psychopathic killer because of the way he killed him, an eye for a eye–every mark that he had made on Bong Yi’s body in the past, the killer, we know is Ba Reum, made on his body. For a bit Go considers that Bong Yi could be the killer, but it’s more that he just wants to make sure suspicion doesn’t fall on her, I don’t think he really thinks she did it. Similarly, Bong Yi is certain Go killed Duk Su, as he had promised her once to do so, a young officer to a child. Yoo Na, the child Bong Yi was trying to save and the one Ba Reum did save, knows it was Ba Reum, but she doesn’t know she should also be afraid of him, for he would now kill her without a thought if she gets in his way.

We learn more interesting backstory: Our cross killer as a boy was indeed a psychopath, passing up dying children on the street as it interfered with playin his video game. Truly, he is ill, and really cannot relate to the emotions or pain of regular people. His presumable mother, wife of the Headhunter, we find was kidnapped and almost killed by yet another serial killer when she was 9 months pregnant. This case is later connect to the SuSeong killer case by Bong Yi, who is offered a job as a writer by PD Choi at her network. PD Choi, we find was held hostage as a girl along with another young woman who didn’t make. The woman wanted to be an awesome producer, and that is why PD Choi chose her profession. Likely, they were held by the Headhunter, but that is to be yet confirmed.

Ba Reum seems to be better at channeling his literal killer instinct: He doesn’t end up killing his cousin, but instead goes after the cat who scratches him to keep him away from the boy. So really it’s anger at the cat that prevents him from killing the boy. Later, he actually does use willpower to stop himself bashing Yoo Na over the head, so afraid is he that she’s going to reveal his secret. A couple of times we thing that Go figures out he is this newest psycho-killer, but we find it’s misdirection orchestrated by Ba Reum himself.

Episode 12 deals mostly with somewhat tediously connecting the right culprit to the SuSeong serial killer case and proving the man in prison innocent. Ba Reum finds his next target in Li Jae Sik, who did time for supposedly killing a girl’s rapist. Turns out he was the culprit and the young man who died or was at least seriously injured was his step-daughter’s friends or boyfriend. As Ba Reum is just about to take Jae Sik out, Detective Go also puts the pieces together and comes across him, surprised to see his friend there. Bong Yi, too, gets a surprise, finding her honey’s face on a bike webcam that someone’s turned in from the child predator killing. They know! Or do they? We’ll see in the next episode.

Some intriguing things: PD Choi is finding herself having an unexplained connection to Ba Reum as pieces of doctor Yo Ha’s personality keep peeking out. Ba Reum is jealous of the close, family-like connection that Detective Go and Ba Reum share. The more time Ba Reum spends with Dr. Daniel Lee in the Headhunter’s old lab/warehouse/stomping grounds, the more I wonder if he’s merely hallucinating, if the doctor is in his head? There’s been little to no explanation as to how or why the doctor is still alive. Also wondering if Ba Reum’s hallucinations of Yo Han aren’t exactly that, for Yo Han is an entirely different personality than he ever showed in life.

Still sticking with my theory that Ba Reum himself is the cross killer, and possibly the Headhunter’s real son, and that it is Yo Han’s brain that is the genius good one. I know that Detective Go’s a bit too old for her, but Bong Yi would be much safer with him. alcoholic that he is. Still wondering about that suspicious young detective who’s always in the background. Hoping this week’s episodes are back to riveting, but with twenty episodes, any writer would have trouble sustaining that, and riveting needs breaks every once in a while to stay, well, riveting.

Author’s note: This was meant to be a review of 12 and 13, title changed.

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