Archive | January 13, 2022

How Bad Is My Batch?

Just a quick note: If you took any of the COV vaccines and are wondering how lethal your dose is/was, there is now a site where you can look up the batch numbers and check. Yes, the shots are ALL different, because this is a medical experiment, not something that has gone through rigorous safety testing. Actually, very little safety testing with vaccines when it comes down to it. The pharma companies have zero liability and also the government simply does not even check to see if they are doing safety testing, even though they were supposed to be checking up on that since the 80s. ICAN submitted a FOIA request. They got zip, nothing. No evidence the government is even monitoring safety testing from these criminal companies. Anyway, if you’re worried about what you got shot with, here is the site:

May God bless you and keep you. It is not your fault. You were lied to on purpose. But, it can be dangerous to be too trusting of sinful humans in authority. Only God has our back.