Vindication: The “science” is not to be trusted.

It’s been awhile, I’ve been busy working on other projects and stories. Finally have a first draft completed for Trolls for Dust, Season 3, and editing is happening.

Sometimes we have to and should say I Told You So! even at the risk of looking petty. But this is anything but petty. This is the beginning of the collective realization that almost all of our current institutions cannot be trusted at best and even are based on lies. No, Pfizer did not do proper safety testing on the covid vaccines. Nor do they on any vaccines, is my guess, but that’s yet to come. For news on general vaccine safety and testing, take a look at

Vindication is happening over and over for those of us who stood our ground and refused to be vaccinated during the covid scam that was operated on and presented to the American public and to the world. True science is not being done. True study and safety is not being done. Why? Just like our runaway governments in much of the Western world, no one is holding the vaccine manufactures to account. It is simply a lie that vaccines are safe. It is also a lie that they are effective, and, folks, they have been lying since the invention of vaccines. Just take a read of Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ Dissolving Illusions.

And, check out Steve Kirsch’s substack on how Pfizer did not do the proper testing.

Happy Reading!

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