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COVID Vaccine Hearing on Capitol Hill

At least one person in public office cares about the very high amounts of people who have had medical problems after the experimental “vaccine” that they were told was safe and effective. Senator Ron Johnson, thank you for at least taking the time to hear the information that has been previously banned and censored. You can watch the full hearing here: https://thehighwire.com/videos/senator-ron-johnson-hosts-expert-forum-on-covid-vaccines/

Crimes against humanity don’t even begin to explain all of this, and still we can’t talk about it openly, for it either angers those who believe the vaccine lies and/or have taken the jabs, or, more of my concern, may put them into a state of fear. Fear is not what we want, but we do want accountability and justice for the evil that has happened. Like many others, I believe it was all intentional, a power grab, and a way to reduce the world’s population. This should not be allowed to stand, and I fervently hope it will not; however, going by the past and all of the harm caused by all of the other vaccines, it is doubtful that anyone will be held significantly accountable.

The good news is there are signs that more are waking up to the truth, more are noticing all the strangeness going on, healthy people dying suddenly, many people suddenly developing cancers, the downturn in birth rates, etc. The good news some of the doctors and professionals who actually stand a chance of doing something about this are slowly coming around to the truth. The good news is, less and less people are taking the jabs and boosters. The good news is, more and more people are coming to the realization that our health care industry doesn’t care about their health at all. It may not be realistic to expect justice to be done in this matter, but the next best thing would be for the public at large to reject the narrative of vaccines once and for all.