TfD Origins — February 11th, 2010

TFD Origins, story 2

Trolls for Dust

Trolls and caves go hand in hand.  This story explores what a cavern domain would be like and also a Tolkien-ish problem of two species trying to share a world in which they don’t get along.  Also, I have to add that the funnest (ok, I know it’s not a word, but ‘most fun’ sounds wrong to me too) part about writing stories is coming up with names for the characters.  If you like my stories, please check out the Trolls for Dust ebook now available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.       –Pixie

Cave Entrance

February 11, 2010 (Story Forty-Two)

They came for Bryne, swarming over the stalagmite-ridden caverns in hords, knocking down lime sculptures and stalactites that were thousands of years old.  The trolls were swarthy, stubby and wore burlap clothes that hung with fallew-lichen, and other mosses of the Deep.  Kryle saw them first and interrupted…

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