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TfD Origins — April 25th, 2010

Trolls for Dust

Playing around more with fantasy and also second person point of view and present tense.  Happy reading, and don’t forget that Trolls for Dust, Season One is only $1 this month on and 🙂
April 25, 2010 (Story One Hundred Seven)

You never really know if you’re going crazy or not.  Sometimes you see things like little flicks of movement at the corner of your vision. Perhaps it’s a cockroach or spider or mouse, but when you jerk your head and nothing is there, you feel foolish and hope that no one saw.

Sometimes you sit up late reading a book and you sense that someone is standing there just in front of you and off to the side.  Slowly, fearfully, you lower the book and look over the top of the pages, only to find just the dark doorway or a coat hung over a chair. …

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