One Idea

It’s amazing in life how one idea can change everything.

Four years ago I was struggling with wanting to be a writer, yet was finding it difficult to actually get my thoughts and stories down on paper.  So I started this blog with the plan of writing a one-page story every day for a year.  Now I only got to 270 stories, but it was refreshing to be writing something creative every single day.

Since then, I’ve written online more sporadically than I would like, but that’s due to a project that just took off from that one idea to write every day.  One of the short stories I wrote in 2010 was about an actress who had just gotten hired to be on a new TV drama that was a also a reality competition.  Trolls for Dust was the name that popped into my head, and I just couldn’t let that story go.

And now I am writing the second book in the series Trolls for Dust and working on advertising the publication of the first book.  As of today the Facebook page for Trolls for Dust has reached over 1,000 likes, something I know isn’t that uncommon, yet it took time and dollars to get it to that point.  I’ve had so much fun not only self-publishing and creating the story and the series, but also letting my creativity loose a little in coming up with “box” ads.  Now there may t-shirts coming in the future and the website itself is presenting more potential, and the second book is looking to surpass the first in both quality, drama, and awesomeness.  Also, I have the privilege of giving away books to potential readers on and am looking into selling the print edition at a book fair or two.


I wanted to share this today, just to encourage the pursuit of ideas, especially for the writers out there.  One good idea can change your life.  It can open doors you never knew existed.  I’m writing more now than I ever have before and a blank page no longer scares me, but intrigues me.  I’m having fun pursuing a dream that, yes, is leaving a bit of a dent in my bank account, but is so much better than sitting around and thinking, “I wish…”  And I’m learning about publishing, advertising, marketing, design, and writing along the way.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “One Idea

  1. It sounds like your whole life has been changed by that one idea. It’s inspirational to know that following the idea has made such a difference. Congratulations!

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