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Halloween Excerpt: All Hallow’s Mayhem

Happy Halloween and Reformation!

Trolls for Dust

Happy Halloween, TfD readers: One of my favorite episodes from Trolls for Dust, Season One, is Episode Five, All Hallow’s Mayhem.  Enjoy the free read. –Pixie 🙂

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Something was in the works at Vale TV Studios, particularly something with Trolls for Dust. Tippa wasn’t sure what it was, but she was determined to find out. She waved hello to Michael Abner, who sat outside eating a heaping bowl of oatmeal topped with raisins and almonds.

“Keeping up that fine physique, Ab?” Tippa called.

“It’s all for you, babe!” he shouted back. His expression then returned to the contemplative look that Michael had sported ever since coming back from the hospital.

Tippa avoided being seen by Sandra Vale and her new best friend, Jin Yang, both of whom were berating Harvey Candish for showing up late and being drunk. From…

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