Haven, Season 5, Episode 8: Exposure


“Exposure” was more or less a typical Haven episode.  The fixing of the “ghost” trouble wasn’t super surprising, as it was obvious that the photographer was responsible.  Her not-actually-dead-fiancee-now-turned-murderer was a bit creepy, and a testament to the real reason people fear change.  Traumatic changes often either bring out the very best or the very worst in a person, and for many of us, well, we’d rather not know how what kind of a person we’d become (or actually are).

Vince and Dave Teagues were the best part of the episode.  It was great to see them try to talk their way out of a tricky situation, and even funnier to think of them performing similar shenanigans throughout the years to prevent the greater world from hearing about the Troubles of Haven.  I’m guessing Dave’s leg infection will feature prominently in the near future.

Mara/Audrey: Is it awful that I now find Audrey boring?  Time will tell if Audrey is actually, well, Audrey, and not just a shadow of her, but short-term Mara is far more intriguing simply because of all she knows.  Speaking of things she knows: Woohoo! A partial explanation for how she and Audrey became separated! Again, it’s not terribly specific, but Mara knows that Duke chose to separate the two entities instead of having Audrey take over Mara’s body.  What’s Duke’s motivation here?  Likely, it has something to do with wanting to rid himself and his family of the Troubles.  Hopefully, it’s not amorous, though he may try to manipulate Mara in that capacity (or vice versa).  He also is still dealing with the fact of Jennifer’s death, and this may be affecting his judgement.  In addition, we learned through Mara that Duke’s mother may be important to the overall Trouble arc and more backstory about Duke.

As things stand, Duke and the Teague brothers may be the ones to power through and figure out what everything means.  Nathan and Audrey, while helping, are so focused on each other that it risks making the characters irrelevant to the larger arc.  I’m sure, though, that the writers will get them back on track if not in Episode 9, then 10.  Audrey in particular won’t rest until she finds out who or what she actually is, and who or what Mara is.

Dwight was not present this episode, and I’m sorry to say I didn’t even miss him.  As much as I like his character, his relevancy (like the Guard’s) is floundering.  Gloria was not in this episode either, but her character is even more minor than Dwight’s, so it doesn’t bother me as much if I don’t miss her.  Who I do miss (sorry to harp on this) is Audrey being Audrey again, and I do so hope that the next few episodes will fix that, as I don’t want her identity to simply now be as a couple with Nathan.  As much as I like a good love story, Haven is not first and foremost a love story.  It’s a science fiction mystery, and Audrey’s journey to understand her identity is the biggest part of that.

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