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Haven, Season 5, Episode 8: Exposure


“Exposure” was more or less a typical Haven episode.  The fixing of the “ghost” trouble wasn’t super surprising, as it was obvious that the photographer was responsible.  Her not-actually-dead-fiancee-now-turned-murderer was a bit creepy, and a testament to the real reason people fear change.  Traumatic changes often either bring out the very best or the very worst in a person, and for many of us, well, we’d rather not know how what kind of a person we’d become (or actually are).

Vince and Dave Teagues were the best part of the episode.  It was great to see them try to talk their way out of a tricky situation, and even funnier to think of them performing similar shenanigans throughout the years to prevent the greater world from hearing about the Troubles of Haven.  I’m guessing Dave’s leg infection will feature prominently in the near future.

Mara/Audrey: Is it awful that I now find Audrey boring?  Time will tell if Audrey is actually, well, Audrey, and not just a shadow of her, but short-term Mara is far more intriguing simply because of all she knows.  Speaking of things she knows: Woohoo! A partial explanation for how she and Audrey became separated! Again, it’s not terribly specific, but Mara knows that Duke chose to separate the two entities instead of having Audrey take over Mara’s body.  What’s Duke’s motivation here?  Likely, it has something to do with wanting to rid himself and his family of the Troubles.  Hopefully, it’s not amorous, though he may try to manipulate Mara in that capacity (or vice versa).  He also is still dealing with the fact of Jennifer’s death, and this may be affecting his judgement.  In addition, we learned through Mara that Duke’s mother may be important to the overall Trouble arc and more backstory about Duke.

As things stand, Duke and the Teague brothers may be the ones to power through and figure out what everything means.  Nathan and Audrey, while helping, are so focused on each other that it risks making the characters irrelevant to the larger arc.  I’m sure, though, that the writers will get them back on track if not in Episode 9, then 10.  Audrey in particular won’t rest until she finds out who or what she actually is, and who or what Mara is.

Dwight was not present this episode, and I’m sorry to say I didn’t even miss him.  As much as I like his character, his relevancy (like the Guard’s) is floundering.  Gloria was not in this episode either, but her character is even more minor than Dwight’s, so it doesn’t bother me as much if I don’t miss her.  Who I do miss (sorry to harp on this) is Audrey being Audrey again, and I do so hope that the next few episodes will fix that, as I don’t want her identity to simply now be as a couple with Nathan.  As much as I like a good love story, Haven is not first and foremost a love story.  It’s a science fiction mystery, and Audrey’s journey to understand her identity is the biggest part of that.

Haven, S5, Eps 4 & 5

(Spoilers ahoy!)

Ep. 4: Much Ado About Mara

Not a lot happened in this episode but a few parts were very good, especially Duke’s nonsense curse.  Delicious taco!!  Eric Balfour was so great at delivering the ridiculous lines, that half of the time, I belatedly realized he hadn’t said anything understandable.  I’m sure his costars were ready to burst with laughter by the time “cut” was called.  Also, Mara is really a great character.  She’s a mean girl, yet somehow likable…perhaps some inner Audrey peeking through?

We also get a hint of what kind of creature Mara actually is, someone so far above humans they are like insects to her.  I give Dwight/Sasquatch props for trying to get some information out of her.  Nathan is no use in this area, as he is only focused on getting Audrey back. Duke is just trying to deal with everything.

The last scene where Nathan, Duke, and Dwight try to bring Audrey out of Mara by treating her like Audrey is outstanding.  Emily Rose really shines and the humor is spot on.

Ep. 5: The Old Switcheroo

Body switching! This is a good “trouble,” especially for actors who like to have fun imitating their costars.  I thought that John Dunsworth (Dave) did an awesome job being his brother Vince.  The standout, however, was Lucas Bryant (Nathan) mimicking Duke’s mannerisms to a T.

As far as the long arc plot, we get more hints about Dave Teagues’ dubious origins that are connected both to the world Mara is from and/or the New England Roanoke legend.  North Carolina looks uncannily like Nova Scotia 😉 and we get another “Thinny” or door between worlds as a cliffhanger.

Nathan is still on his quest to draw Audrey out of Mara, or change Mara into Audrey or whatever.  He recruits Duke’s help and Duke discovers (dun, dun, dun!) Mara is pretending to be Audrey!  This presents the possibility that every time Audrey has appeared in S5, it has simply been Mara pretending to string the Havenites along, so we come back to the question: Does Audrey still exist?  I say, and I think Duke would agree, that Mara is Mara, and Audrey is Mara, and there has never been two separate entities.  There is only one woman.  She may have multiple personalities, but she’s still one woman. a woman who may have both the desire to give people “troubles” and to help cure them.  No real answers, yet, however, and I still miss Jennifer.  Duke needs another Jennifer.  And as much as I love the Nathan/Audrey love story, this “saving Audrey” thing is dragging the storyline a bit.  Nathan could use another love interest or just another focus for a couple of episodes.  Maybe a woman with long black hair?  That seems to be his type.  Or maybe he could just deal with this obsession off-screen for a bit?  Let Duke, Dwight, and Gloria handle a really whizbangwow Trouble until the writers are ready for the big Mara/Audrey reveal and we can get on with the big arc already!  Ok, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just annoying when plot points are prolonged or withheld because the story needs to be x number of episodes long, or x number of pages (I know, I do it myself in my own writing from time to time, roll my eyes, sigh heavily, and keep going with the story).  Filler episode, filler scenes, filler characters, these are the Troubles that plague storywriters.

Season 5 is good, yet I’m wanting more rewatchable moments and episodes.  Too much fill means too much going through the motions and who wants to rewatch that?  Seasons 1-4 all have a very rewatchable quality to them.  Again, S5 isn’t bad, it’s just having difficulty finding its footing, probably because of Mara/Audrey.  Audrey and her desire to help people is the glue that holds the series together.  So, as much as I love watching Mara, Haven needs Audrey back, and soon.

Haven, S5, Ep. 3: Spotlight

So far, I’m liking Haven Season Five.  We still have all of the same great characters, even if Audrey only has a few “blink and you miss them” moments so far.  And I really miss Jennifer, and Duke seems so lost without her.  Wow, what great acting/writing for Jennifer from S4, huh?  Too bad she couldn’t stay…along with Duke’s ponytail.

Instead of “Hear no Evil,” we have “Spotlight,” a totally Haven-weird Trouble where this lady collects all light into herself and sends it out of her body via multiple laser beams.  As awful as the Trouble was for her and her family, I couldn’t help giggling at the scenes when only two laser beams came out of her torso.  The producers should have just bitten the comedy bullet and made the beams come out of her boobs.  It’s impossible not to think of that while watching the scenes.  Or maybe I’ve just been ruined by Austin Powers.

Anyway, Nathan is still in denial of the fact that he is actually in love with Mara, one aspect or personality of whom is Audrey.  Yes, Nathan is in love with Mara, and until the show says differently, that’s what I’m going with.  The plus side is that Mara/Nathan is far more interesting than Audrey/Nathan.  A love story of two very nice people is great, great for them, great for the world, yes as far as on screen, oh so boring to watch.  Mara is distastefully bad — she kills people with pencils, yet she has that same sense of humor that Nathan always liked in Audrey.  It’s fun to see Nathan and Mara try to play each other, and bittersweet that Nathan can’t let go of Audrey.  Ok, ok, it’s true love, and Audrey still does seem to exist somehow.  However: What if Audrey really is Mara?  Can Nathan deal with that or is he just doomed to go crazy?

Duke trusts Nathan and agrees to let him try to figure a way to get Audrey out of Mara’s body.  Well, is that what Nathan’s doing?  Or is he trying to keep Audrey in Mara’s body but just make sure she stays the dominant personality?  But that doesn’t solve the problem that Audrey IS Mara.  Also, Duke is totally rethinking this trust after he walked in on Nathan and Mara tickling/making out.  And what of Duke’s affection for Audrey from seasons 1-3?  Jennifer so blew that storyline away, that I cannot even comprehend him having an attraction to Audrey now, especially because she’s Mara.  Duke rejected Mara’s advances, but Nathan somehow succumbed to them.  Does this mean Nathan is weaker or that his love for Audrey is too strong and he can’t separate (not that he necessarily should) the two personalities.  Wow, this making my head spin.

Another thing with Duke:  He is about to explode, literally (and that’s used correctly) because of all of these Troubles built up inside of him, troubles the Crocker family has collected over generations.  Also, according to Mara, Duke has a “darkness” inside of him.  Is this due to the Crocker family trouble, to Duke’s past as a smuggler, or do to some aspect of his past or personality that we haven’t yet seen?  True, he’s no boy scout, but on the show he’s been shown to be a good guy who wants to help people.  I’m just not sure where this darkness comes in.  Is it worse that Nathan’s single-mindedness in trying to save Audrey, no matter the cost?  Not that I’m trying to bash Nathan, but it’s sort of like if you have a family member in danger.  You love them, yes, but is it really right of you to jeopardize or even take the lives of numerous other people in order that you may save them?  I don’t think Nathan’s killed anyone so far in his attempts to save Audrey, but I’d have to go back and rewatch.

Mara’s trying to prove something to her family.  She revealed that much to Nathan in the cabin.  Is she perhaps trying to show that her ability to trouble people is the mark of genius, that it’s ultimately something good for humanity?  She seemed to be talking about gifts not being appreciated, sometimes being scorned, sometimes being lauded.  What she is specifically referring to, we might not know for awhile.  It’s revealing, though, that whatever kind of being she is, Mara has a family of some kind.

Sasquatch Dwight wasn’t as interesting this episode, but maybe he will have better moments in the future.  Also, I’m looking forward to Vince and Dave being in the next episode.  Have to give a few shouts out: One, for the coroner Gloria playing with that little toy while she’s talking to Dwight on the phone — pretty amusing.  Two and Three: Duke’s awesome old boat and the Grey Gull.  It felt like a true episode just with a couple shots of both.  Have we ever seen where Nathan lives?  Why not?  Oh, love that the laser beam lady and her daughter brought out Duke’s tender side, kinda sweet.  Lastly, pancakes!  I would marry Nathan forever if he made me pancakes every day!  The writers must have read the Nate the Great series as kids.

Haven, Season 5, Ep. 2, Speak No Evil

(Spoilers).  So I’m loving Season Five of Syfy’s Haven so far.  Not too many answers forthcoming yet, but that’s the nature of these shows.  Everyone wants a piece of Mara, whether it’s to banish her, beat the truth out of her, keep Audrey alive, or to goad her into saving Haven in some way.  Everything revolves around Audrey/Mara at the moment, giving whoever is the other Big Bad in town, a chance to flourish.

Mara: In this episode, Emily Rose did an outstanding job of portraying her, or maybe it’s just that I’m more adjusted to the actress not playing Audrey.  Mara is evil, as shown by her actions, and thus worthy of the name villain.  She also still has a bit of Audrey’s dry humor, which makes her all the more unsettling.  We got a two-second glimpse of Audrey this episode, showcasing just how talented Rose is.  Sometimes actors embody their characters so well, we forget that they’re acting.  This is why Rose as Mara is so jarring.

Vince and Dave: Love their banter and their relationship.  These two old gents have so many secrets, you’d think they’d be pouring out of their ears by now.  Vince has an intriguing attachment to Audrey, hinting at a back history with her, and perhaps some kind of love/emotional bond.

Nathan: Singleminded in his continued love for Audrey, and the belief that she still exists in some way, yet not so much as he can’t be a friend to Duke and assist Dwight in trying to save the town.  I have a theory about Nathan, and that he may have a Trouble, or power of some kind dealing with true love.  Perhaps Audrey still exists, because Nathan’s true love for her still exists?  Maybe that’s his power.

Duke: He’ll be down in the dumps for awhile about Jennifer, but I think saving the town and having to fight against whatever forces of evil are in it, will pull him out of it.  This idea of him having hundred of Troubles inside him is interesting, though, I don’t know that they’ve definitely proved that that’s the case.  Could be all coincidence, even Nathan getting sewn shut.  We still don’t know who else is in town.  Perhaps they too have an emotional bond with Jennifer and did not want to see her go.  Duke has the potential to be a super awesome hero, and it would be fun to see that pay off.  Will they resurrect his feelings for Audrey?  Their relationship is intriguing in the fact that he gets her in a way that Nathan doesn’t (he knew she was pretending to not be herself, S4).  Is it a deep love or a deep friendship, or something else?  Also, I miss his big boat home and the bar.  Hope they will show both again later in the season.

Dwight:  Adam Copeland as Sheriff Dwight is impressing me more and more.  He has a good stage presence (maybe from WWE?).  I was surprised after his first few appearances that he was a returning character, but he fits in Haven, and I love how Duke calls him Sasquatch.  His intentions seem to be entirely focused on saving Haven, and using Mara/Audrey to do so, yet something about his actions makes me uneasy.  Is he being controlled by some unknown force?

Gloria: What an awesome old lady.  I loved the actress Jayne Eastwood way back when in a small role on the Anne of Green Gables miniseries, and she’s just gotten better with age.  She’s so funny, yet a sweet old grandma to everyone.  I think she and Vince should have a romance. 🙂

Vickie: I’m glad they kept her around.  The scene with her and Mara trying to open the Thinny was great, almost fairy tale-ish.  The actress, Molly Dunsworth, has a sort of storybook princess allure about her.  Right now, due to her Trouble, Vickie is just a tool for the major characters, but that could easily change, and I like her working for Gloria and them acting as a team.

Jennifer:  Sad to see her go.  She was quirky, and cute, and ended up being perfect for Duke.  At the same time, though, she was sort of a kid sister to him, especially when contrasted with his wife Evidence (wouldn’t mind her returning).  Duke maybe needs someone he can protect, because that’s what he likes to do, but also maybe someone with more self-confidence, an equal to him in some way.

The Guard:  The people with the super special circle/compass tattoos.  As a group, I’m finding them annoying, mostly because it’s apparent that they are just drones following orders and don’t really have any answers themselves.  Makes most of them irrelevant.

The plot: Yep, it’s unbelievable and complicated, but right now I’m just enjoying the characters finding their way in this yet again altered Haven.  Any one of the characters can take a turn to the dark side, no matter their intentions, and the ultimate question may turn out to be: Is Haven worth saving?  If so, why?  If not, why?  Is the town some kind of purgatory similar to the island on Lost, or is it something different?

The scenery: Can. Not. Get. Enough. of. Nova. Scotia.  Vacation destination calling at some point in the future.