Getting Back to Writing

2016 ended up being a crazy year for me.  I became addicted to following the 2016 Presidential campaign and watched in awe as Trump took down one political foe after another.  Never had it really hit home to me just how opposed our government, both parties, and especially the mainstream media had become to the interests of the American citizens who actually live in this country.  I, like so many, were “red-pilled” as they call it, and became supports for Donald J. Trump’s candidacy and all he stood for, which boils down to: America first.  A country acting in the best interests of its citizens shouldn’t be a novel concept, but in this day and age, so many have yet to wake up to the lie that is Globalism.  That “false song,” as Trump calls it has done much damage over the years, and like the Tower of Babel before it, was always doomed to fail.

So I followed politics obsessively and Trolls for Dust, Season 2 ended up on the back burner and still needs finishing.  I also got sick a few times, moved, and was in a sort of shell shock from all the red-pilling and also the downright ill will from family and friends alike due to my support of Trump.  That mean-spiritedness, I don’t think I will ever forget.  The only way to explain it is that even good people are terrified of actual, real change, and maybe precisely because it will be in their benefit.  Now that Trump is President we’ll get to see what actual change looks like and if the U.S. Government putting Americans’ interests first is the right thing to do.

I’m not proud that I let my writing mojo fall to the wayside, but I’d like to begin again, finish this story and start new ones.  The good thing is, as so much time has gone by, I have gotten some feedback on the story as it stands and I know what needs fixing.  I know where to go, but it’s how I get there that’s the problem.  This month I am reassessing TfD2, this blog, and also  I want to get back to writing and posting regularly and this is my month to make a plan and then put that plan into action.

On more of a note for long-term writing:  For once in my life I have an entire room set aside for writing.  I have a desk that lets me sit or stand as I choose, a cushy, but not too comfortable bar chair to sit on, and an area free from distraction.  Speaking of changes good for one being terrifying, this is!  As a writer I have all I could ask for a distraction-free writing space.  That means this is where the rubber hits the road and there can be no more excuses.  Either I make this work, or I have to acknowledge to myself that maybe I don’t really want to write.  It’s scary, this big desk and this quiet room, but it’s exciting, too.  With effort, great stories are just ahead, just waiting to be sprung on the world.  I cannot, I must not, let such a wonderful opportunity go to waste.


–P. Beldona

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