A Good Ending

Tonight, I contemplate what a good ending for a book looks like.  It’s Trolls for Dust, so it must end on a cliffhanger, and as there will be a Season 3, it’s a midway point in the series but still needs a decent ending.  I ask myself, do endings really have to make sense?  They can just be exciting, right?  Ha, ha, if only.  Things are going to be a bit crazy at Vale Studios while Sandra implements her master plan.  If only she were actually as diabolical as she thinks she is.  Oh, what she will learn in Season 3.

Like Season 1, this ending will attempt to mix two worlds together, that of the onscreen show and the fiction real world.  In Season 1, I emphasized this by turning verbs in the real world parts to present tense to match onscreen.  Although I can certainly implement that again, I’m hoping to come up with something more clever but that doesn’t take readers too much out of the story.  Talking about being taken out of the story, this series started with an idea of having actors compete to stay on a teenage fantasy TV show, but as the creator and writer I’m finding that the least interesting aspect now.  The competition is showcased less in Season 2, but is more disruptive to readers (the fictional viewers don’t care, they’re just enjoying the ride).  My goal is work on making the disruptions as funny as possible to smooth things over.  Hopefully, that will do the trick.

Also, being that I’ve become such a huge Korean drama or Kdrama addict, I’m fantasizing about Trolls for Dust becoming a Kdrama, and I have to focus on finishing the story instead of making up possible cast lists in my head.  American TV, this is how far you’ve fallen.  What was once inspired by The Vampire Diaries (Season 1-3, so good!), now is being considered to be best adapted by Korea!  Okay, hopefully that’s more a reflection of my changing tastes than the actual value of American TV, but I think either way America can step up the competition.

Okay, back to Tippa Andrews, my favorite character, that Taiwanese Born American Pixie, or TDAP!  Hmm, sounds like an vaccination.  Also, she wasn’t actually…oh, better not say it–spoiler!  Anyway, girl of the purple hair, I promise I won’t leave you stuck with the Gremlin-driving guy in Chicago.  He’s so weird!

–P. Beldona

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