The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Ep. 7 Review

Episode 7 is mostly setup for episode 8. The biggest thing that came to light for me was that Eom Cho Rong (Jin Kang’s boyfriend she’s holding at arm’s length) really does not know Kim Moo Young. Poor guy, I berated him for not recognizing the jerk when he really hasn’t actually met him.

This episode solidified the fact that Jin Kang does indeed have feelings for Moo Young. She uses the woman screaming super power to stop a bunch of thugs from beating him up and stays with him in the hospital. Even so, she’s still in denial of her feelings herself, probably because the pendulum is constantly shifting back and forth on Moo Young being decent (not sure we could ever call him good) or a royal bastard of the first order.

Moo Young follows this second nature, seeking revenge on the Damsel’s fiancee for sending gangsters to beat him up. The only time he appears to be second guessing this plan of action is when Jang Woo Sang (the rich fiancee) threatens Jin Kang’s safety in response to Moo Young’s confrontation at an Arts Brewery event. Moo Young even goes so far as to tell Jin Kang to leave the party, as she’s throwing him off his game.

The show producers and writers aren’t going to give the audience any easy answers regarding Moo Young. He’s quick to manipulate the Damsel’s emotions once again to get back at her fiancee, and risks three lives in this process. He tells Woo Sang that Baek Seung Ah knows he’s trash, that’s she knows it, but will still run to him over Woo Sang. My guess is Moo Young is just the easiest way to escape the prison of her life, and he gives her a foothold to openly defy Woo Sang. Or maybe she just likes pretending to be a bad girl. Moo Young tells him he wouldn’t have bothered with Seung Ah if he saw her by herself. Rich girls are a dime a dozen. What interested him in playing this game was that once he saw Woo Sang, he knew right away how easy it would be to take her away from him, and that was the true temptation. He did it all just because he could, and without much effort. The episode ends with a spectacular car crash involving the three of them, and one has to wonder why Moo Young seems to have a death wish, as he’s generally so entertained with his games of manipulation it seems he wouldn’t want to give them up. Maybe it is just that he can’t escape his stated philosophy of taking “eye for eye and tooth for tooth,” as he tells Officer Yoo.

Speaking of Officer Yoo, not a lot regarding the murder mystery this time, but it appears as if Tattoo girl, Im Yoo Ri, is going to turn herself in for it. She’s a bit angry with Moo Young for not liking her in a romantic way and thinks he sees her the same as the stray cat he’s adopted. This is probably accurate, as Moo Young doesn’t seem to have any genuine feelings for anyone except for Jin Kang.

Officer Yoo and his friend Tak keep doing that will-they-or-won’t-they friends vs. lovers dance. Men and women can’t be BFFs, and they should both be sat down to watch When Harry Met Sally. At some point their friendship will end, either because they will become lovers, or because they won’t become lovers and thus can’t be friends anymore. One of the two, either man or woman, will have romantic feelings and either ruin the friendship or make it something more. It’s as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

I wanted to note one more thing: This show makes use of a lot of great overhead shots, and I think this is for the following reasons: One, this is a tragic story, so the shots remind us to look at everyone and everything objectively. Don’t get too invested. Two, it’s a signal that the characters in a sense are just following their fate. Three, it’s reflecting the nonemotional state of Moo Young who in his rooftop house is almost a god overlooking his kingdom. So many of the other characters come to him, and he’s happy to receive them if they amuse him. Their hurt feelings are not his concern. Well, only Jin Kang, who throws him off his game. Will he come to resent her for this? We will see.

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