The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Ep. 10 Review

In this episode the murder mystery appears mostly resolved, though the police department is still investigating Kim Moo Young. As they should. His actions are highly suspicious, especially as we’ve seen how good he is at manipulating women. Im Yoo Ri might think the deed rests solely on her, but Moo Young definitely helped her do it with little regard for what Yoo Ri’s life would be like after committing murder.

Realizing he’s not going to get anywhere by shouting at Jin Kang, Officer Yoo gives the non-apology apology and tells her she’s an adult, can make her own choices regarding her life and Kim Moo Young, and that he will respect that. This is a tactic. Officer Yoo is hoping she’ll make the right choice. Officer Yoo both underestimates the allure of Moo Young and of course has no idea they are all likely headed for tragedy no matter what he does.

As for the love story: We get a lot of cuteness as Moo Young and Jin Kang try to date without being obvious to everyone. Since Moo Young is objectionable as a romantic partner to anyone who is using half a brain, it’s understandable that Jin Kang lies to her brother even though he agreed to respect her choices. Like her boss said, she’s knows she’s going the wrong way, but it’s too far to stop now. Moo Young is on good behavior, taking her to their old hometown of Haesan to visit the Catholic orphanage where he grew up.

This too cute by half couple even has their own verbal exchange. “I’m going to keep hating you.” –Jin Kang.  “Good luck with that.” –Moo Young. And then they smile.

For this autumn leaf decorated getaway, Moo Young ditches his mandatory police interrogation. Police seem not only to be rather inept in S. Korea, but have next to no power as well (if the former is true, maybe the latter isn’t such a bad thing), and so have no choice but to wait for Moo Young to come back to town. Officer Yoo is also out of town, going on the trip he and Jin Kang take every year to the temple in Haesan. Jin Kang doesn’t know why they go there, but we learn that this is where her parents are buried.

Really, I want to like the love story, I do. It’s just that Moo Young is a psycho and Jin Kang is kidding herself if she thinks she not jumping into the exact same fantasy world her friend resided in briefly before returning home as ashes in an urn. Moo Young is very good looking and charming, but that doesn’t explain why the “good” Jin Kang is diving headfirst into a relationship with him. They are playing that she’s going to teach him how to be a good person with normal empathy and emotions. This girl is in for some serious heartbreak, but she’s been warned plenty of times, so whatever happens how is on her.

Episode 10 ends with a sex scene, love scene, whatever you want to call it. It is both cute yet creepy as they are giggling together at first like little kids…like siblings? Their initial kiss was rather passionate, so it’s clear that the writers want the kid connection to be made clear at this time. Maybe they’re just childhood friends, but we do have a mystery “sibling” to contend with. The happiest thing about their relationship, and also perhaps a big tell to being related, is that they are completely relaxed around each other. They can just be themselves.

Moo Young keeps having the same dream about his childhood. He’s running in from playing with his sibling and a man shoots his father. He also hears Jin Kang calling his name. She comforts him when he has a nightmare and he shows her a childhood drawing he made of his family–his father, mother, and sibling.  The translation on viki just says “sibling,” so I’m assuming what he’s saying in Korean is the same, not indicating if it’s a sister or brother, and he doesn’t remember much about this sibling. This dream is what instigates the lovers heading to the orphanage to find some answers.

At the orphanage, while Jin Kang seems emotionally moved and thrilled by the kids singing, Moo Young literally stands off to the side, clearly only there for the sake of Jin Kang. He tells one of the nuns who raised him that he’s trying to look good to her. The nun seems ecstatic to see him, so maybe he didn’t cause much trouble as a kid there. He asks her what she thinks a good person is, and the nun answers it’s someone who has a lot of love. Moo Young responds that in that case he’s in trouble. The nun jokingly agrees. From her, Moo Young learns that an officer had come looking for a child with a burn on their arm. Supposedly this child was someone else and was found, but he nun is clearly hiding something.

On their trip, we learn that Jin Kang knows Officer Yoo is not her real brother. She’s grateful that he took in and raised a stranger. Moo Young is suspicious because Officer Yoo used to be an officer in Haesan when he and Jin Kang were both children, yet Officer Yoo lied to him about knowing any policemen in Haesan. Add that to the fact that Moo Young believes his father to have been a police officer. He sometimes seems to believe his father could be still alive, but it’s not clear if that’s just wishful thinking or if he actually considers that a possibility.

At the temple, Officer Yoo has come for what is a yearly pilgrimage of penance. Jin Kang calls Deputy Tak to join him, and show she’s shows up and they start their usual banter. For at least the second time, Officer Yoo jokes about her being pretty and Tak becomes very short in her manner. One would think such a great detective would pick up on the clues to what is going on behind her anger, but people are dumb and often miss the signs that they most need to see. Or maybe he does get that she likes him, but he thinks he’s not good enough for her. He finally confesses to Tak, that he is actually a murderer, that he killed a man and pretended the man fell off a cliff. Like Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment, Officer Yoo has been tormented by guilt ever since. Tak is shocked.

The new more overt villain in the show is new CEO Jang Se Ran. Much like her deceased brother, the “fiancee,” she has trouble taking no for an answer. Hauling Moo Young in for martinis, she wants to know why he turned down her great offer of running his own bar.   He honestly explains that he’s going to be learning how to be good from Jin Kang instead. CEO Jang laughs and says “that’s so not you.” Moo Young answers that because it doesn’t fit him, he’s going to give it a try.

CEO Jang says they are the same kind of people, two peas in a pod. It’s “too late for them to become human beings.” She says she is bored and always chasing after the next shiny thing, finding it to be meaningless in the end.  Still, the chase passes the time for her.  Moo Young is now the newest, shiniest thing she can see. She tells Moo Young he will come to her eventually. At this, Moo Young says good-bye, but we are left to wonder if they really are the same and if Moo Young’s newest shiny thing is Jin Kang. He also in his words likes to “mess” with Officer Yoo. Dating Jin Kang is also the perfect way to mess with Officer Yoo.

I don’t want to be too hard on Moo Young, as it’s not his fault he was traumatized as a child and likely became emotionally impaired due to it. However, psychopaths or whatever name we call them, despite in some ways deserving of our pity, are extremely dangerous, and giving them too much benefit of the doubt is like giving the devil a foothold. Jin Kang is genuinely sorry that he doesn’t care for the feelings of others, and  Moo Young’s using that skillfully against her: Teach me. I want to be a good person. Really. I want to see what I’m missing. Sure he does. Right until the next shiny thing comes along, likely in the form of revenge against Officer Yoo for killing his father.

Am I too cynical? Jin Kang could use some cynicism right now. It might save not only her life, but other lives as well. And what kind of good person sleeps with her best friend’s boyfriend after he broke her heart and caused her death? Jin Kang is making so many bad choices with this, I don’t know where to begin. Are the two peas in a pod Moo Young and CEO Jang, or Moo Young and Jin Kang? We’ll see what happens as Jin Kang becomes further torn between lover and fake brother. Or real brother and fake brother? Really, really hope we don’t have to go there.

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