Forgiveness Is Real

Happy Easter weekend. Jesus is risen! Forgiveness of sin is real, it’s a real thing, and the greatest miracle this world will ever know, aside from creation. It’s staggering to just really think and consider on what Jesus did–he led a perfect life for us and then paid the punishment for all of our sins, an innocent man! But he wasn’t just a man, but also God and he died once for all mankind. Our creator loved us so much that even when we rebelled against him in evil, he made plans to save us, and those plans cost him much. Redemption and forgiveness don’t come cheap. They required a blood sacrifice, and Jesus Christ, God’s Son, willingly paid that price for us. What a marvel. What a true marvel and reason for hope in every day we live! We gain heaven, when what we deserve is hell. And heaven is our true home, not this fickle, uncaring, corrupt world. Forgiveness is real! I am forgiven! You are forgiven! And we are all free to go and live in love, charity, and kindness. Death no longer holds a sting, but is now an entry into a new, wonderful life. He is risen! Can’t say it enough. Happy Easter!

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