Archive | September 21, 2021

Vindication is coming, is already here.

Have a busy day ahead of me, so not sure I’ll get around to any reviews, but want to encourage everyone to follow Project Veritas. Like them or hate them, they are doing work that the main stream journalists often aren’t. This forcing of the COV vaccine, any vaccine really, but this in particular is one of the biggest crimes of humanity and especially of government that is supposed to watch out for our well-being.

Every day, story after story, the reasonable stance not to take the vaccine is being vindicated over and over and over again. I thank God for all willing to stand up and tell the truth and for whistleblowers like this woman. Wish that I could be that brave. I am so sorry for all those that have been harmed by this and also for all the many living in constant fear. God bless and here’s the link. Not sure how long Youtube will keep it up: