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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Ep. 4 Review

We begin with Officer Yoo playing catchup. He’s waiting outside Kim Moo Young’s house when Kim arrives in the morning in his “walk of shame” same clothes as yesterday and disheveled hair. Yoo tries to trap him into confessing either that he is the murderer of the girl or at least that he arranged all of those snow globes in perfect order. Moo Young simply plays with him, solidifying that whether he’s good or bad, he’s not going to give anyone easy answers about himself.

Much of the episode is spent with the Damsel in her half-hearted attempts to rebel against both her mother and her fiancee. She confesses her love for Kim Moo Young, but, like him, we are left wondering if she really means it, especially as she took him to a cheap hotel. Moo Young appears increasingly disgusted by her and her family’s selfishness and the straw that breaks that camel’s back is when the Damsel’s mother hauls out and slaps Yoo Jin Kang in a move that might as well be a punch. The violence from women in this show, I tell ya. The acting from both leads is amazing in this scene as Jin Kang is trying to hide how upset she is and Moo Young is trying to offer her a friendly shoulder.

More hints are given to the possible kind nature of Moo Young in his attitude towards Jin Kang and also the fact that animals seem to like him and aren’t afraid of him. He was also raised by nuns who seem on the loving side (he attends a funeral for one of them). And then, there’s the cooler. What’s in the cooler he keeps outside his door? And where’s that cat we haven’t seen in so long? Maybe animals are just really dumb and like humans can’t always sense the evil in people?

Moo Young and Jin Kang are full on bonding now, finding themselves to be kindred spirits who both have scars, are both orphans, and are both originally from the same town. They are more relaxed around each other than anyone else, and Moo Young clearly has more interest in Jin Kang than the Damsel, and I’m still really hoping they don’t turn out to be siblings.

This is unlikely, however, as we learn that Yoo Jin Kook and Yoo Jin Kang are not really brother and sister. Perhaps irritated by Officer’s Yoo’s constant meddling in his case, the lead of team three, Lee Kyung Cheol (Choi Byung Mo) is less than thrilled to find out that both are pretending to be siblings. He scolds Jin Kook, asking him if she’s the child from that case so long ago. Officer Yoo seems crushed by his anger and his bantering friend Tak So Jung takes him out for a drink in the middle of the day. They are cute together and it seems like they could bring each other some badly needed happiness. At one point she seems about to make a love confession to him, but he cuts her off, wanting to continue joking.

From what she says to Moo Young, Jin Kang appears to think that Jin Kook really is her brother.

Meanwhile, Tattoo girl is having a breakdown, and I give acting props to Go Min Si, because the girl really does seem like she could either kill herself or someone else. We find her increasing obsession with Kim Moo Young explained by the fact that he saved her from committing suicide. But she’s a denier and claims not to like him while stalking him at the same time, turning jealous as his attentions are now all on Jin Kang.

We meet another blast from Moo Young’s past in the psychologist on TV at the beginning. He is treating Tattoo Girl, won’t give her anymore medication (which she seems to desperately need), and is also possibly her father, but their conversation isn’t very clear. It also isn’t clear if he understands the guy she keeps referring to is the boy he remembers from so long ago. He also gets a glimpse of Moo Young at the nun’s funeral and we don’t yet know why he’s there. Did he used to work for the Catholic institution? Does he still?

In Officer Yoo’s investigation, he is on the search for a ballet trophy the dead girl had that is missing. Tattoo girl remembers seeing the statue on the floor in the band room she lives in, but doesn’t know what happened to it. We find later–that’s what’s in the cooler! Oh, and the cat, who Moo Young has decided to call Jin Kang, is safe! However, it is not clear whether Moo Young has know it was there the whole time, put it there himself, or is surprised to find it there. Seo In Guk is very good at confusing noncommittal expressions, which is why he’s the perfect actor for this role. He will keep us guessing until the very end.

Speaking of the end, the episode ends with a bang as Tattoo Girl finally snaps and tries to run over Jin Kang. In her defense, she is clearly not in her right might and may even have gotten drugs or medication, as she appears to have passed out after.

All in all, it was a pretty exciting episode, but I think we’re tiring of the whole poor rich girl Damsel storyline. It doesn’t quite fit with everything else going on and one has to wonder if she’s going to be the next one to end up dead as she behaves more and more recklessly. Not to mention that she is surrounded by angry, violent, unstable people. Even her friend Jin Kang is losing good will towards her as Moo Young points out that she didn’t even apologize for her mother’s slap, but keeps plowing on expecting Jin Kang to continue helping her meet her boyfriend illicitly.

One thing I really like about the show so far is that there’s a lot of info in what’s not said. Silence is used well, as well as placement of background items, the setting in general, and especially who is simply in a particular scene. The story will probably get a whole lot more complicated before everything becomes clear, but that’s what will make it a good yarn. The big question is, who is at the center of this web and also, why?