Post-Bookfair Thoughts


The Minneapolis Book Festival: What an awesome experience to be a part of!  Saturday at the MN Fairgrounds was a lot of fun.  I got to meet many fellow writers and especially fellow book readers.  Sometimes it feels like no one reads anymore, so it’s very heartening to have so many bibliophiles come together in one spot.  The pic above, isn’t the best of me, as I’ve been battling (with invisible antibiotic swords and bullets) under the weatherness for a week or so, and though on the road to recovery, it’s a slow road.  So, no, I have not been drained by a vampire, just was exhausted before the day began.  So, my interaction lacked a bit of pep, but I did sell a couple of books, and gave away a few postcards, stickers and chocolate coins.  Many people seemed fascinated that they still make chocolate coins.  They do, they do!  And the likeliest store to have them would be your local party supply store.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table.  It was fun to meet you or just exchange smiles.  To those who entered the contest to win a t-shirt and book, in a day or so here I will be sending the winner an email with the link to pick out a t-shirt and more details.  So, if you get an email from, that would be me.

Upcoming posts:

Haven – I’ve caught up on a couple of great episodes I plan to review.

Five Fingers Kdrama – about prodigy pianist rival brothers! What’s not to love? My fingers have itched to tickle the ivories every episode I’ve watched thus far. (Currently streaming on Netflix).

The Blacklist – Also on Netflix, and one S1, but wow! What a show!

Escape from Camp 14 – Book retelling the true story of a young man who grew up in and escaped one of N. Korea’s worst prison camps.

The Feast and Ghosts in the Yew – Each book is the first in a high fantasy series by a couple of fellow authors at the book fair. It might be a few months before I get the books read and reviews out, but they were selling like hotcakes, so check them out if you like fantasy (links are embedded in the titles).  Also, they both had really cool Tolkien-like maps.

Ok, happy reading, everyone, and have a good week.

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